We’re a bunch of colleagues, having worked together at several restaurants, among them Restaurant 
Oscarsgate and Fauna. We’re altogether five co owners, working in the kitchen and the service. Bjørn 
Svensson, Pascal Lehmann, Daniel Hasvold Jung, Kine Jøndal and Marcus Solefors are responsible for 
the daily operations, and we’re also joined by professional team. 


For internship please contact us at


Reservations can be made by phone

(+47) 485 14 886

Or by email

Have you been to Galt recently
and wish we make changes to
the menu served, let us know
before you arrive

Opening hours

Tuesday-Thursday: 18.00-01.00

Friday-Saturday: 17.30-20.45 (First seating)
Friday-Saturday: 21.00 - 01.00 (Second seating)

Frognerveien 12, 0263