(W) (R) (M) (SUL) (S) (CE)
Cep, bone marrow and chicken crisp
Langoustine, watercress emulsion and broccoli
(S) (E) (M) (R) (SUL)
Today’s wild fish, turnip and lovage
(F) (SUL) (M) (MOL) (SUL)
Reindeer, grilled onion and horseradish
(M) (SUL) (BA)
Milk ice cream, plums and verbena

NOK 895

(M) (MU)
Price of the day

Kalix bleak roe, onion and gräddfil
(F) (M)
NOK 210

Caviar with garnish
(F) (M) (W)
12,5 gram NOK 245 and 25 gram NOK 485

Norwegian cured ham and sausages
(MU) (W) (R) (M)
NOK 155

Nordic and french cheeses
(M) (W) (R)
NOK 155

Wine pairing
NOK 695

(S) Shellfish (MOL) Molluscs (F) Fish (M) Milk (W) Wheat (O) Oats (BA) Barley (R) Rye
(E) Egg (MU) Mustard (SO) Soy (HAZ) Hazelnut (SUL) Sulphites (CE) Celery


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